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Special Operations


Frequently, Worcester EMS is called upon to augment the EMS coverage in the City and Town due to planned or unplanned special events and often, in extraordinary situations. We maintain several special operations capabilities, along with trained men and women to carry our the mission, including a special operations trailer (pictured below) that also functions as a remote communications center, a scooter and bike team for accessing patients in crowds during large scale or multi-site events, and paramedics and physicians trained and certified in incident command and disaster medicine operations.


For special event coverage in crowded areas such as parks and street fairs, Worcester EMS bike teams and scooter teams allow us to better access sick or injured patients where an ambulance cannot reach. We also maintain fixed post EMS details at large concerts and other events at several venues in and around Worcester when requested.

spec ops 1

In support of our fire department colleagues in the region, Worcester EMS regularly participates in training and drills with the Worcester Fire Department and other in order to better understand and prepare for service at a multiple casualty incident, a fire, a technical rescue, or a hazardous materials incident. Each and every time one of these unusual events occurs in Worcester or Shrewsbury, one of our ambulances and a supervisor respond with the initial fire companies. In fact, working with the Worcester Department of Public Health and the Worcester Fire Department, Worcester EMS was the first EMS agency to operationalize a plan for the use of hydroxycobalamin – also known as Cyanokit™ - for administration to victims of smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poisoning, a medication that traditionally had been rare in EMS vehicles and often unnoticed in hospital pharmacies. Each of our ambulances carries several doses of this special medication so that it can be readily available in the field.

TEMS 4 In support of our police department colleagues in the region, Worcester EMS trains with and provides support to various law enforcement entities such as the Massachusetts State Police and the Worcester Police Department. We have relationships with the Massachusetts State Police and the Central Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (CEMLEC). Our role in working with law enforcement is always exclusively focused on emergency medical support for team members and the community at large. All staff assigned to these support functions are experienced providers who have also completed additional training - and are instructors - in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). For more information about how Worcester EMS can help your community or your agency better prepare for unusual events, or for additional information on our special operations capabilities on the ground, in the air, or via our Communications Center, please contact us.