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Preparing For Transport

The UMass Memorial Life Flight critical care transport team will help prepare the patient for inter-facility transport once they arrive at the sending facility. In addition, the team works on the ground with first responder agencies and EMS services to properly package patients prior to being loaded into the helicopter. There’s no better critical care transport team than our highly skilled flight nurses and critical care paramedics, and they will help make sure that each and every patient is cared for in the best possible manner, and transported safely to their destination!

The Team

Inter-facility Transport Considerations

Often, the most critically ill patient we transport need to be maintained on a variety of  complex medications and other life support systems, such as ventilators and pumps. The UMass Memorial Life Flight critical care transport team will carefully assess the patient’s condition and make sure that all the necessary modalities are in place during transport. Our advanced critical care equipment includes:

  • Zoll ProPaq MD transport monitor/defibrillator
  • Hamilton T-1 mechanical ventilator
  • Alaris three-channel infusion pumps

Please note that for those hospitals with remote landing zones that are not on premises, it’s best to wait for the critical care transport team to arrive at the patient’s side in order to assess what is necessary prior to movement, rather then sending the critically ill patient to the remote helipad via ambulance or other means.

Acceptance at a Destination Facility

Federal EMTALA guidelines require that a sending physician have arranged patient acceptance at the destination facility prior to transport. The UMass Memorial EMS Communications Specialist will verify acceptance for inter-facility transfers at the time of the call, but can also assist in obtaining acceptance at a destination facility if necessary.

For assistance in obtaining acceptance at UMass Memorial Medical Center, please call our Care Connection Center at 1-888-334-4111 to speak with a specialist who can arrange acceptance and an appropriate bed within the medical center. Or click here for more information about our Care Connection Center.